Band Camp with School Bands Australia

2nd October, 2021

School Bands Australia believes that music education does not need to be confined to classrooms and school hours. One of the fantastic opportunities we offer is our annual 3-day Band Camp that we host at The Collaroy Centre on the Northern Beaches. The Collaroy Centre sits on 10 Hectares of stunning bushland with views of the coast. Band Camp is a wonderful way for your child to enjoy all the aspects of being in a band. It’s a jam-packed weekend full of playing music and making new friends. There are lots of fun activities leading up to the final Gala Performance!

The camp is open to training and concert bands across all of our schools. The musical program is tailored to suit the level & instrumentation of the children attending. The kids spend the nights in first-class cabins that host 6-8 kids each. Each cabin block has teacher and parent helpers nearby for student supervision. We provide all meals, including morning and afternoon tea.

Band camp provides our young musicians the opportunity to make new friends and explore their musicality in a unique and exciting environment. At band camp, students learn new music and play alongside peers of various experience levels from other schools. Beyond band, the kids get the chance to participate in a range of activities. These vary year to year and promote concepts such as teamwork, personal growth and, of course, fun!!

Upon the conclusion of the camp, we hold a Gala Performance and showcase for the families. This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate music with the entire School Bands Australia Community. It gives the kids a chance to share everything they have learnt throughout the camp.



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