We take the pain away...

We take the pain away...

School Bands Australia believe that the School should enjoy the results of their Band Program with no impost on teachers or school staff.

This is what we provide:

  • Full program management
  • Complete parent communication
  • Fee collection – no involvement of Front Office Staff
  • Timetabling & Tutor/Conductor booking
  • All performance opportunities planned & facilitated
  • Special Performance opportunities organised by SBA – e.g. Opera House & Band Festival performances

To book a time to discuss your school’s needs, please email principal@schoolbands.com.au or call 1300 1BANDS

School Bands Australia & the NSW Music Curriculum

School Bands Australia & the NSW Music Curriculum

Below is an outline of the skills & understanding taught to a Training Band & Concert Band student in comparison to the current Creative Arts K–6 Curriculum

We are confident that students who participate in our programs meet & exceed the Stage 3 Music syllabus. Further, the musical reading & playing skills acquired equip our students well for serious instrumental studies in
High School.

A summary of our Program

Training Band allows students to learn how to play and care for an instrument whilst developing musical knowledge & practice techniques.

All Training Band student learn from the method book, “Essential Elements”, & enjoy supplemental sheet music as performance highlights.

By the end of their first year, Students will be expected to demonstrate:

  • A knowledge of basic music theory and how it is applied to playing a musical instrument
  • Sufficient technical skill to produce satisfactory tone and facility on a chosen musical instrument
  • Understand rhythmic notation down to quavers (semi-quavers for percussion) & basic quaver syncopation including dotted crotchet/quaver combinations
  • The ability to play 1 Octave Bb Major (Concert) & 1 Octave Chromatic Scale
  • Confidence to perform before an audience, and to demonstrate an understanding of music performance techniques & discipline
  • The classification of musical instruments and how sound is produced on them
  • A working knowledge of music vocabulary and symbol identification
  • An understanding of a variety of styles of music such as Classical, Folk, Rock, Pop and be able to identify the characteristics of each style

Concert Band builds on the learning outcomes of the Training Band. Specifically:

  • Competency in playing across a wider range of their chosen instrument
  • The ability to read, understand & play more complicated rhythms which include
  • Quaver & Crotchet Triplets
  • Complicated Syncopation
  • Odd meter Time Signatures
  • Time Signature changes with a song
  • Additional vocabulary to describe performance & performance techniques
  • Participate in Band Festivals to enjoy public performance & Critical Assessment from Industry Professionals.

Reporting & Assessment

The advice to NSW School Principals regarding reporting is: “In Music specific reference should be made to students’ performing and organising sound and listening”.

School Bands Australia issue parents a yearly report outlining the following areas:

Musical Performance

  • Sound
  • Rhythm
  • Reading
  • Technique
  • Posture

Approach to Learning

  • Practice
  • Group Engagement
  • Behaviour


School Bands Australia will happily devise &/or work with any classroom teacher to assess the musical outcomes of students based on the Band activities.

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