‘Student Art Show’ at the Opera House

19th October, 2021

In 2018, A request was made for School Bands Australia to provide Australian Bands for a cross-cultural event to be held at the Sydney Opera House.

The ‘Student Art Show’ was created by ‘Ucet Education Tours’ and ‘Sino-Australia Youth Communication’ as a celebration of multicultural art communication between students of China & Australia. Hundreds of Chinese students were flown into Sydney to enjoy the best that Australia has to offer.

To meet the needs of this special event, we created a massive 70 piece Concert Band by combining the Canterbury & Putney Public School Concert Bands. The performance was made all the more special by having the All Saints Grammar choir performing with the band to sing the national anthem. 

To play in one of the world’s most famous venues is an honour that our students will never forget and forms an important part of School Bands Australia’s history.


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